2 thoughts on ““Valley of Mist” Trailer

  1. Hi William, I just saw this work on Hulu. Thank you for making this. It’s lovely and one of the few things I have seen that covers this aspect of our indigenous lives and worldview. And done tastefully without being pandering or silly, the choice to speak to the entity was handled realistically and respectfully. Nice to see the subtle details such as the seashells.

    The actor Ms. Terry even looks a bit like one of the Chumash women on the nation’s website (http://www.santaynezchumash.org/links/sovereignty3.jpg), so that was a good job casting. I assume you must know Chumash people to have used the actual language, congrats on that, presumably this is the first fiction film in the language. It’s always thrilling to hear the languages revitalized in this way.

    Thanks again. Hope to see more things like this in the future if at all possible.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed my film. I’ve always been so fascinated by indigenous American people and their History. Granted, not everything in Valley of Mist is accurate, but I tried to tell an interesting fictional story showing as much of the culture as my small budget would allow. It was a huge challenge, especially creating the spirit entity. Feel free to share the film and send it to people!

      Sadly, I wasn’t actually able to make the film in the native Chumash language. I made a great effort to do so though. I contacted Dr. Applegate, the man who literally wrote the Chumash dictionary, and he agreed to translate the film for me if he could get approval from the Chumash tribe. In the end, the cultural director was too busy to ever give approval, so I had to create a language for this film, loosely based off of the Chumash language. The idea was to make it sound like a language that could potentially be an earlier version of their language.

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